Are you protecting Customer’s Privacy & Data from hackers? If it’s installed in your data lake you probably aren't!!! The EU GDPR Unprecidented Fines around the corner

2016 was a record year for data breaches, the number of exposed records exceeded 4.2 billion, nearly four times the previous high.  

 Are you Prepared for the Millions or even Billions in potential GDPR fines?    ​​

 GDPR doesn't just effect EU businesses — it applies to any business that collects data from EU residents. That Includes many US businesses, whether they realize it or not

Step 1: The Intelligent Catalog identifies Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data  

Step 2: Files containing PII data are sequestered, and copies with encrypted columns are written to the data lake
Step 3: The sequestered file is reviewed, encryption is applied or modifed as directed 
Step 4: The sequestered file after release replaces the surrogate encrypted file
Step  5: We Process at rest static Data as well as Process Live Streaming Social Media and IoT Streams and SecureSequester/Encrypt before it pollutes you Data Lake
Step 6: Management statistics, cataloguing and metadata are collected and made available for managing the overall process

  The digital economy depends on you protecting customer data as a key to conducting commerce.  If you use a data lake and store customer information in the data lake, it is of paramount importance you prioritize the protection of PII data in your data lake.  In this short video, we would like to present our approach to protecting PII data in your data lake from those intent on using your data for their benefit. BigDataRevealedSequesterVideo