“EU GDPR and other Regulatory bodies make it evident that Citizens now re-own the rights to their data and companies must respect and protect their customer’s Data or suffer catastrophic fines, loss of reputations, erosion of valued customers and years of corporate branding.

Treat and protect your customers Data assets as if they were your family. BigDataRevealed discovers and assists in protecting your customers data assets while allowing your company to deal with the Age of Hackers and yet maintain its desired level of analytics, marketing and branding.

BigDataRevealed can deliver an Intelligent Catalog / Metadata, Discovery and Remediation results in days.” (Steven Meister BigDataRevealed)

Are you protecting Customer’s Privacy & Data from hackers? If it’s installed in your data lake or on your Cloud, you probably aren't! The EU GDPR Unprecidented Requirements and Fines are barely 5 Months Away, and it said 94% are unprepared. 

Are you Prepared for the Millions or even Billions in potential GDPR fines? ​​

Are You and Your Shareholders prepared to tarnish your reputations and the loss of Customers and Revenues? No Need with BigDataRevealed on Your side!

BigDataRevealed, Day One will have you on your way to the Discovery of Personally Identifiable Information, Indirect Identifiers, Right of Erasure (Right to be Forgotten), and Consent by Column and row Values and the Remediation by Encryption, Sequester / Quarantine, in a repeatable process nearest Zero Latency possible.  ​​

 The digital economy depends on you protecting customer data as a key to conducting commerce.  If you use a data lake or Cloud and store customer information in the data lake, it is of paramount importance you prioritize the protection of PII data in your data lake or Cloud.  In this short video and PDF Methodology, we would like to present our approach to protecting PII data in your data lake from those intent on using your data for their benefit.                                                                                                                 BigDataRevealedSequesterVideo  
BigDataRevealed Methodology Workflow