There are Multiple Layers of EU GDPR Mandates that, when taken as a whole, will Require more than one Area of Expertise to Resolve. There are Legal, Administrative and Technical Issues to Understand and Master. You will need GDPR Experts to Explain Legal and Administrative Problem Areas, But Who Will Help Discover and Remediate the Technical Issues? That can take years.


More about BDR and our methodology.

We have selected “Apache™ Hadoop®” as it accepts most every type and form of data and is easily scalable to most any size you need.  Hadoop provides a flexible, Open Source, inexpensive to implement, centralized data store that is necessary for meeting Regulatory Requirements, especially “EU GDPR”.

Meeting requirements like Indirect Identifiers and the Right to Erasure (The Right to be Forgotten” need the ability to communicate and correlate with legacy data as well as PDF files, Word and Office documents, XML and many other forms of data that are all accessible at the same time. BigDataRevealed has this covered.

See the attached 22-page link detailing our recommended methodology for keeping up with today’s and tomorrow’s Regulatory Requirements and with as close to Zero Latency as possible so that Private Data will have minimal exposure so when you’re hacked the impact will also be minimal. Download our Methodology PDF by clicking here > Methodology Download

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Download our Virtual Machine by clicking here > Virtual Machine Download

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