HadoopRevealed Inc. is an innovative technology development firm with expertise in Data Management / Discovery / Quality / Compliance and Big Data Expertise.
BigDataRevealed has developed an intelligent catalog which has capabilities unique for the identification and eradication of information that makes hacking a risk.  With the intelligent catalog, the risks of personal identifiable information (PII) being hacked is prevented by identifying, sequestering and encrypting information at risk, thereby eradicating the risks associated with exposing PII data in your data lake.
If your plans to create a productive data lake have resulted in little more than a dangerous data swap you are using the wrong tools. Do your tools require cumbersome data extracts before analysis and discovery can begin? 

You need a product that lives within the Hadoop environment, uses Apache products to efficiently produce quality results, Spark, MapReduce and others as, BDR-Column-Naming/Classification-Data/Dictionary.
BigDataRevealed provides native Discovery, Metadata, Pattern Analytics, Anomaly identification all from within the big data environment.

Our APIs allow in-house processes to ‘Call’ the pieces of BDR needed for discovery before the data is placed into the Hadoop environment.

All of this comes with the ability to perform a few clicks to drill down to the transaction / record of source.

Download >>> BigDataRevealed offers a free 30-day trial, full use, self-contained BDR-VM - Powered by Apache™ Hadoop®